About Him:

Justin has been tattooing professionally for over 13 years. He was a Marine living in Hawaii when he discovered his talent, and now his passion. Ever since then, he has never looked back. Justin is the Owner of the Hokey Pokey Tattoo located in Rising Sun, Maryland, some may remember it as the Helix Tattoo Lodge. He has owned many other shops prior to this one. The Hokey Pokey Tattoo shop is a more intimate shop with a movie theater room for his clients.  Justin has a diverse style but he specializes in photo realism. He can simply look at a picture and make it come to life on someones body. His artistic ability has always come natural for him.  He is inspired by many artist, including Bob Ross and Alex Grey. He takes pride in his work, and enjoys making people happy by giving them a permanent piece of art that they can cherish.